The Fund Goals and Mission

The reasons for which the Fund was formed and is performing now:

  • Accumulation of the financial and property funds based on voluntary contributions (donations) and other receipts and forwarding them:
  • to support, help and protect individuals and families who suffered from various accidents (including car accidents);
  • to maintain and retain cult, historical sites and grave sits reminding us of accidents and catastrophes;
  • to support students and young hopefuls and to help them receive quality education at the best institutions in Russia and abroad;
  • to preserve and develop cultural, spiritual, historical and natural heritage of Russia;
  • to carry out other activities permitted by the Fund.

Our Memory Charity Fund’s Mission is:

To keep the cherished memory about those who are gone and to remember our obligations to those who are alive; to promote education and increase of the society’s spirituality (especially the younger generations); to keep, protect and develop spiritual, cultural and historical heritage of Russia.