Contact information:

Regular phone number in Jalkala (where the Fund is located): +7 (812) 433-9357
Regular phone number in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 318-5598 (Olga Viktorovna)

Our Memory Charity Fund address and location:

The Fund is located at: Jalkala conservation area, Ilyichevo Village, Vyborg Region, Leningradskaya Oblast, Russia 188838.
How to get there – take commuter train from Finlyandsky Rail Terminal to Zelenogorsk, then a commuter bus No. 552 to Ilyichevo Village (get out at the terminal stop in front of the museum entrance). Please dial the number the inquiry service (005) to get updated on the schedule of commuter trains from Finlyandski Rail Terminal to Zelenogorsk.

*reference: Jalkala conservartion area is located 12 km from Zelenogorsk, in a picturesque place between the Dlinnoe Lake (more known as the Dolgoe Lake) and Bolshoe Simaginskoe Lake (more known as the Beauty). Phones: (812) 433-93-57, (812) 433-92-07.