The Our Memory Fund’s activities are carried on within the framework of charity programs, – activities approved by the Board and aimed at tasks in accordance with the Fund’s statutory goals. The charity program includes description of activities, goals, tasks, stages and terms of implementation, financing sources, expected final results, estimate of receipts and expenses, operative management and control of expenditure of funds. Currently the Fund is carrying on the following charity programs: Construction of St. Leonidas Chapel in Jalkala to Commemorate All who Died in Wars and Accidents on the Karelian Isthmus and Helping Archeological Excavations at Staraya Ladoga.

The memorial chapel in the name of a saint Orthodox martyr of the 4th century Leonidas of Egypt in Jalkalawas devised as a universal memorial of all who died in wars and accidents on the Karelian Isthmus disregarding their nationality, religion or confession. Construction of this Chapel was meant to bring together the desire to honor memory of the five young men, former classmates of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at St. Petersburg State University (Leonid, Igor, Denis, Roman and Alexander) who died at the 45th km of Scandinavian freeway to Jalkala and the wish to commemorate all fallen in wars and accidents on the Karelian Isthmus throughout thousands of years of its bloody history. The project is unique because of its universal nature and tolerance. The Orthodox Chapel will be built to commemorate all deceased disregarding their nationality, religion, time, concrete place and the cause of their violent death at this part of earth between the Gulf of Finland and the Lake Ladoga.

The goal of the Helping Archeological Excavations at Staraya Ladoga program is to organize and financially support the archeological expedition at Staraya Ladoga engaging specialists and young people from different cities of Russia as well as foreign countries. Through this program the Fund is appealing to all public-spirited citizens and enterprises who care for what happens to Russian antiquities – please help as you can, with finances or your personal commitment, to carry out archeological excavations at Staraya Ladoga, the ancient capital of Russia. Who knows, maybe it is you who will contribute to great archeological discoveries – discovery of a grave of Rurik, a legendary founder of our Russian empire, or a grave of a great man who united the North and South of Russia, Oleg the Seer.